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Upcoming Speaking Engagements

Speaking engagements:

November 8, 2007 : Scottsdale, Arizona

ACEsthetics Occlusion Symposium

Academy of Comprehensive Esthetics has convened a symposium on Occlusion and Esthetics from November 7 – 10. The educational objectives of this symposium include “an understanding of the differences between CR and NM occlusal philosophies and the clinical implications associated with those differences”.

Well known experts in CR and NM occlusal philosophies have been invited to give presentations allowing the audience an opportunity to learn through comparing and contrasting.

I was invited to present about how I treat my TMD patients using NMD protocols. The title of my presentation is “A Neuro Muscular dental practice in the “Show me” state”.

If you are interested in attending a meeting dedicated to understanding both CR and NMD, check out to register.

Upcoming Speaking Engagments

November 16-18, 2007:

Vincenza, Italy

14th International Congress of The Internation College of Cranio Mandibular Orthopedics

This is a meeting of the International Congress that is held every 2 years. I was invited to give a presentation on “Neurally mediated ULF-TENS to relax cervical and upper thoracic musculature as an aid to obtaining improved cervical posture and Mandibular posture”.

About a year ago, I had proposed a new way of stimulating the cervical muscles. This new technique and the particular point of stimulation have since been named “Prabu Point” by Dr. Dan Jones of Chino, California.

Since I will be presenting to doctors from around the world, there will be live translations in to Italian, German and Japanese.

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