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A Poem from Lisa

When I had just a general dentistry practice for years, I used to work very hard to do a great root canal treatment on a maxillary second molar, for example. But I never received a “Thank you” note . “Thank you” notes are not so uncommon once I decided on a TMD / NMD practice and help people with head aches, jaw pain, ear pain and other symptoms of TMD..

But a poem? This is a first for me !

As a background, Lisa, who is 46 years old, had 4 bicuspid extraction / retraction orthodontics as a teenager (surprise, surprise!). She has suffered with “TMJ” since the 80’s which got much worse in the early 90’s when she was in an auto accident. So she has suffered with unrelenting daily headaches and jaw pain for a long time. She is doing great with a lower fixed orthotic for 3 months now and is ready for Phase 2.

Amy is my concierge and Melissa is my Care Coordinator (clinical assistant) and Dave is Lisa’s husband. You have to forgive the Wizard of Oz reference….I live in Kansas City after all .

Download lisasnow_poem.pdf

A poem affects us in a different way from prose. I was quite touched to receive this clear out of the blue.