Monthly Archives: February 2010

New Orleans Saints win – with Pure Power Mouthguard

Not many expected New Orleans Saints to do that well. Most did not know of one of their secrets – Pure Power Mouthguard! The team fitted its players with a mouthguard that uses Neuromuscular dentistry principles. By relaxing the jaw and neck muscles through Neuromuscular dentistry techniques a relaxed jaw position is diagnosed by a specially trained Neuromuscular dentist. The PPM bite guard is constructed to this jaw position. This allows the jaw and neck muscles to be unstrained and opens the airway, increases balance and strength.

No wonder the hero that made the critical interception – touch down, Tracy Porter exceptional balance and speed even at the end of the game. No wonder it was nearly impossible to bring down Pierre Thomas. His balance was unbelievable.

PPM will make folks aware of the benefits of Neuromuscular dentistry….not only to improve athletic performance…but in relieving headaches, neck aches, ear pain and other symptoms due to increased strain of jaw muscles and neck muscles.

This is an awesome day for Neuromuscular Dentistry