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Fibromyalgia cured!

It is probably hard to believe that Fibromyalgia can be resolved – dare I say ‘cured’ – without medications. Especially so, if that Fibromyalgia diagnosis came from Mayo Clinic specialists. Surely, they are the final word, right? Is it possible that they are NOT the final answer?

Deana was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia 13 years ago in her 30’s. She had debilitating fatigue, constant headaches, generalized tenderness all over the body. Her right hand had a tremor that no one could find a reason for it. MRI and other tests were done to diagnose the cause. She went to Mayo Clinic in Minnesota for a detailed work up.

At Mayo, she was seen by specialists in Neurology, Rheumatology, Gastroenterology, Opthalmology, physical medicine and Fibromyalgia. Their Fibromyalgia specialist diagnosed her as suffering with Fibromyalgia. Bob and Deana attended two day long ‘clinic’ that educated them on coping with FM for the rest of her life. She was also prescribed medications to ‘manage’ her FM. One of the side effects of the medicine affected her gall bladder which needed to be surgically removed.

Deana was helping with the family business and being a home maker raising three children. It took sheer will power to get through her days. She said that it felt like driving a car that had one foot on the brake the whole time. It was just a drag to get through the day.

It was only through chance – or divine plan according to her – she came to our office for a second opinion on a dental implant problem. She had absolutely accepted that she will live with FM the rest of her life. When I casually mentioned about my observations of her jaw alignment problem and how that can result in whole body musculo-skeletal problems such as Fibromyalgia, Deana reacted like a drowning person reaching for a ring buoy tossed to her.

Following a through neuromuscular testing with advanced protocols, we delivered a lower jaw fixed orthotic 6 weeks ago. It is only a trial change of her jaw / neck alignment to see if it is helpful in improving her conditions at all. The upper jaw has not been changed and so the orthotic has to fit against that. Yet, the change was dramatic.

After 90 days of this orthotic, they may choose to have me further improve the jaw alignment and stabilize for long term. This may be through moving the teeth orthodontically and possibly adding bonded porcelain restorations. Stabilizing options are up to Deana and Bob to choose. My role is to educate them of the options and have the expertise to provide those options.

Helping nice people like Deana and Bob reclaim their lives is the most rewarding part of practicing advanced Neuromuscular dentistry.

Daily migraines resolved through Neuromuscular Functional Orthopedics / Orthodontics

Unrelenting headaches and Migraine resolved through Neuromuscular orthopedics orthodontics (NFOO) when Topamax, Imitrex, chiropractic adjustments and pain medications did not help that much.

Kenra started having really severe daily headaches when she was 16 years of age. She was taking Excedrin every day. Her condition was diagnosed as Migraines by her neurologist who prescribed medications for it. She was still getting daily migraines which led her to missing school many days. But if she took the medication and laid down in a dark room, it will subside. That was not practical to do with Kenra’s academic load in college. She was also getting chiropractic treatments but nothing resolved the headaches. Kenra tried Walmart mouth guards that were uncomfortable to wear and did not help either. She felt that there is “no hope” of a resolution either.

Kenra was referred by her dentist to us for a TMD evaluation which revealed the connection between her headaches and her jaw position. Once the Neuromuscular alignment of the jaw / head and neck was diagnosed, an orthotic was constructed on her lower teeth to correct the alignment. This showed immediate relief of Kenra’s symptoms.

Don’t readily accept taking neurologists prescribed medications for the rest of your life as the final word. No need to keep suffering with migraine and headaches when the underlying cause is a “bad bite”. It is not just teeth, but a poor jaw, head and neck alignment. It may be hard to believe. But neuromuscular dentistry can actually solve these problems in most cases. So if you are tired of the pain and hate taking medications with no end in sight, there is hope.

Watch this video of an actual patient who was helped through Neuromuscular orthotic and Neuromuscular Functional Orthopedics / Orthodontics (NFOO). She is pain free and completely off ALL medications.

Traditional orthodontics improves the smile cosmetically by straightening the teeth. 4 out of 5 patients we treat for TMD had previously had traditional orthodontics. So they often have ‘nice smiles’ but their jaws are poorly aligned. Once the optimal bite was diagnosed through advanced Neuromuscular protocols, moving the teeth along with bone support and gum tissue to this position is called Neuromuscular Functional Orthopedics / Orthodontics (NFOO). Objective electronic measurements of jaw / neck muscle activity and CT scans of the TM Joints guide the entire treatment. That is the difference between NFOO and traditional orthodontics

It is hard to measure the life impact of this treatment in this young person’s life compared to how it would have been in her social life, academic life and general happiness if the unrelenting daily ‘migraines’ had continued. She was recently engaged to be married to a naval officer and looks forward to earning her degree soon. No wonder both Kenra and her mother believe that it was “definitely worth” the cost of NFOO.