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Botox for TMJ / TMD treatment?

Botox – botulinum toxin type A – has been touted for lots of problems that ail us.

It started off being used for facial cosmetics – to ‘relax’ wrinkles such as ‘crow’s feet’ on the side of forehead by paralyzing the tiny muscles under the wrinkles. But more and more uses of this drug is promoted all the time.

Recently there is a big push to use Botox injections in the jaw muscles “to treat TMJ”. Pharamceutical companies are experts in marketing & have the big money to give grants, sponsor research and sponsor speakers to promote its use. I have seen many patients that had this done repeatedly with less and less effectiveness. They are more difficult to treat – not impossible – since these muscles have been damaged. This is not just my opinion based clinical experience. There are scientific studies that prove this. These jaw muscles are NOT like the tiny facial muscles that cause ‘crow’s feet’ wrinkles on the face that are paralyzed by Botox for cosmetic results. The jaw muscles are important functional muscles! Does paralyzing them with a neurotoxin make a lot of sense to anyone?

Why then do doctors do this to treat TMD & patients go through these injections? Are they just looking for a quick fix? Or are these doctors that push this ‘treatment’ for TMD just clueless?

What are your thoughts on Botox for TMD treatment? Any of you have personal experience with Botox for TMD? Are you thrilled with the results?