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16 year long headaches, neck pain, shoulder pain and disabling fatigue resolved with Neuromuscular fixed orthotic

Unrelenting headaches and neck pain resolved through Neuromuscular Fixed Orthotic when Topamax, pain management, chiropractic adjustments and pain medications did not help. TMJ splints by ‘specialists’ that estimated the jaw position worsened the headaches.

Carmen had a single crown done 16 years ago and ever since that procedure she has suffered with face pain, head pain then neck pain and shoulder pain later on. She felt as if her jaw joints were dislocated.

Carmen has seen several different doctors over the years from dentists, oral surgeons, rheumatologist to neurologists but no clear diagnosis was ever given. She was told that she was depressed and given Prozac. Based on a panoramic x-ray, she was told that there were no TMJ joint problems and prescribed Topamax and Medrol steroid pills. She has been through Prolotherapy, acupunture, trigger point injections and splint therapy and all were unsuccessful. She even had arthroscopic surgery done on both TM joints and only had 2 days of pain relief from it. The pain has been very intense for the past 10 years.

Carmen is an RN. With the medications, severe pain and disabling fatigue, she felt that it was no longer safe for her to work. She reduced her work load to part time and found even that was too much. So she completely quit the profession she loved, three years ago.

Carmen was then referred to Dr Raman for an evaluation. Following the TMD evaluation he felt confident that he can help her. CT scans and a series of Neuromuscular K7 jaw computer tests were done to determine the correct jaw/neck alignment. Carmen was then fitted with a fixed orthotic to maintain this diagnosed position. After 16 years of suffering, she was already 30-50% pain free after just 1 month. She was also able to go for 5 days without taking any anti-inflammatory medications after being on Naproxen or Mobic daily for 16 years. She was unable to gain weight for years because of the pain. She can eat better now and is happy that she has gained some weight.

To anyone that is dealing with unrelenting headaches, neck pain, ear pain & shoulder pain, Carmen says “Don’t give up. Find the right doctor to help you”.

Botox, Topamax,Pain meds,Chiropractic failed..while NFOO resolved years of Migraine

Carla started having really severe daily headaches when she was 22 years of age. She was taking pain medications every day. Her condition was diagnosed as Migraines by her neurologist who prescribed Topamax, Imitrex and pain medications for it. She was still getting daily migraines which led her to try Botox injections by a neurologist, Chiropractic adjustments 3 times a week for 2 years & injections by a Pain management specialist.

Carla was married around this time but did NOT want to start a family while she was on all these daily medications. She was concerned about the possible effects of these medications on the fetal development & would not risk the health of the baby. She was getting depressed and losing hope. She did not see any ‘light at the end of the tunnel’. She just could not accept that this will be her condition, the rest of her life with daily headaches and migraines.

Carla’s husband noticed her grinding & clenching her teeth in sleep. This led to her dentist referring her to a TMJ specialist in Tula, Oklahoma where she lives. The TMD splint that was made for her actually worsened her headaches. She reports that she was asked to protrude her jaw and that is where the bite was taken for the splint. After 2 years of treatment with that specialist with worsening symptoms, she sought out another.

This time she found a neuromuscular dentist that made her a removable neuromuscular orthotic that gave her a lot of relief. She still needed to take medications, but at least she was feeling better for the first time in years. For long term stabilization, this NM dentist was only able to offer Full Mouth reconstruction. He did tell her that if she were his 27 year old daughter, he would send her to Raman Center to do Neuromuscular Functional Orthodontics Orthopedics (NFOO) since very few doctors in the country do NFOO.

Carla was willing to travel anywhere in the world if she could have a pain free and drug free life so that she can start her family and enjoy quality of life. Driving 4 hours one way to Kansas City every month for over 2 years did not faze her at all to get her life back.

So Carla was referred by her NM dentist to us for a TMD evaluation and Neuromuscular Functional Orthodontics Orthopedics (NFOO). Once the precise Neuromuscular alignment of the jaw / head and neck was diagnosed, a fixed orthotic was constructed on her lower teeth to correct the alignment. This showed immediate relief of Carla’s symptoms. She was able to stop taking all medications within weeks. Further improvement of her jaw alignment was achieved during Neuromuscular Functional Orthodontics Orthopedics (NFOO). Shortly after that, she got pregnant and now has a handsome one year old young boy, Joseph. All of her braces and orthotic have been removed now. Her own natural teeth are coming together now to maintain her ideal jaw / neck alignment for the rest of her life. Carla is enjoying her improved quality of life through Neuromuscular Functional Orthodontics Orthopedics (NFOO).

Don’t readily accept taking neurologists prescribed medications for the rest of your life as the final word. No need to keep suffering with migraine and headaches when the underlying cause is a “bad bite”. It is not just teeth, but a poor jaw, head and neck alignment. It may be hard to believe. But neuromuscular dentistry can actually solve these problems in most cases. So if you are tired of the pain and hate taking medications with no end in sight, there is hope.

Watch this video of an actual patient who was helped through Neuromuscular orthotic and Neuromuscular Functional Orthopedics / Orthodontics (NFOO). She is pain free and completely off ALL medications.

Traditional orthodontics improves the smile cosmetically by straightening the teeth. 4 out of 5 patients we treat for TMD had previously had traditional orthodontics. So they often have ‘nice smiles’ but their jaws are poorly aligned. Once the optimal bite was diagnosed through advanced Neuromuscular protocols, moving the teeth along with bone support and gum tissue to this position is called Neuromuscular Functional Orthopedics / Orthodontics (NFOO). Objective electronic measurements of jaw / neck muscle activity and CT scans of the TM Joints guide the entire treatment. That is the big difference between NFOO and traditional orthodontics

It is hard to measure the life impact of this treatment in this young person’s life compared to how it would have been in her family life, social life, work life and general happiness if the unrelenting daily ‘migraines’ had continued.. No wonder Carla believes that it was “definitely worth” the cost & travel time it took for her NFOO.