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TM Joint replacement surgery avoided

TMJ Joint replacement surgery avoided through Physiologic Neuromuscular Full Mouth Reconstruction

Vicki started having right side jaw pain in December of 2011. She could not open her mouth, chew or yawn without being in pain. She also suffered with neck pain, inconsistent bite, hip pain, arm pain and a shoulder impingement. She decided to see her dentist about the jaw pain who then referred her to an orthodontist. The orthodontist did some tests on her but determined that he could not help her and referred her to an oral surgeon in Arkansas.

Vicki consulted with the oral surgeon who read her MRI report and informed her that her discs were gone. He told her that the only option was to have surgery and to give her titanium jaw joints for both sides. She was not well informed about what all the surgery entailed and how it would impact her life. Her dentist told her NOT to do TMJ surgery. She did her own research about jaw joint surgery and realized that she did not want to do it. Her dentist found Dr Raman to help Vicki.

Vicki drove over two hours from Carthage MO to see Dr Raman in Kansas City. At her first visit Dr Raman evaluated her and determined that there is a jaw alignment problem and he felt confident that he could help her. Vicki chose to go through a series of Physiologic Neuromuscular Dentistry diagnostic testing to determine the optimal jaw neck alignment. After a detailed consultation, Vicki and her husband chose to move forward with phase 1 Fixed orthotic treatment.

Vicki admitted that she was skeptical at first prior to starting the treatment. She was fitted with a fixed neuromuscular orthotic for 90 days. During this time period Vicki said that her jaw stopped hurting, she could open her mouth wider and had better neck range of motion. She actually had surgery scheduled for her right shoulder due to the impingement but Dr Raman asked her to wait and see if the pain subsides with the orthotic treatment. Vicki cancelled her surgery and no longer has shoulder pain.

Vicki then chose to move forward with phase II of the treatment. She chose the option of Neuromuscular functional orthodontics in combination with full mouth reconstruction. She is certain that she made the right decision. She feels better and looks better and is happy with the results. Vicki said that it was a lot of money and a lot of driving but she would do it all over again.